Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you calculate love?

    Different aspects of love and personalities are analyzed and put together when calculating any score on our website.

  2. I went on another love calculation website, and they gave me and my partner a different score. What score should I use?

    Different websites use different ways to calculate a matching score between two people. But we are one of the best love calculators you can find anywhere.

  3. Should I use full names or is the first name enough?

    A love score can be generated with just first names. But for the best results use full names. Love scores could be wildly different when using just first name versus full names, so it is always recommended to go with full names.

  4. Should I use Mr., Mrs. or other titles in front of the names?

    No. For best results, just include the person’s full name and nothing else.

  5. Should I enter my own name as Person 1 or Person 2?

    It doesn’t matter. You’ll get the same love score either way.
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