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Love Meter is a scientific tool like a love calculator to measure the compatibility percentage between two people. If you are looking to check the compatibility between you and your partner, then you have to use the meter given below free of cost. The user guide is mentioned below:

How to Use Love Meter? 

  • To use this love meter, you have to follow some easy steps:
  • First of all, enter your name in the first text box.
  • After that enter the name of your lover in the second text box.
  • That’s great!
  • Click on the Calculate Button.
  • There will be a percentage of your love with your lover.
  • Enjoy!

What is Love Meter?

It is a meter to calculate the percentage of love between couples. I have designed this meter after a lot of struggle. Usually, people want to check their love percentage but it is not possible for them because love is not a quantitative entity but it is a qualitative entity. With the use of the latest technology, it is possible to measure qualitative entities easily. So, I have designed this meter for the people who want to check the percentage of their love. I hope you will get closer to the real love percentage between you and your lover. It measures the love percentage on behalf of names. People say that names have effects on personalities. By using the same concept, I am successful to develop a meter known as Percentage Meter.

Love Meter

Love Meter Marriage

Before marriage, everyone wants to know the percentage of compatibility in the relation. If you are also looking to ensure the stats of your love, then you don’t need to worry because you can use this meter as a marriage meter before your marriage ceremony. I hope you will get some awesome results related to your love and relation. You can also use the Marriage Calculator to Check Marriage Compatability.

Love Meter Game

There are many games are also available free of cost to play in free time to get some incredible moments. But Love Meter Game is one of the best games because you can learn a lot of things about your relation by playing this game. You can download and install this game on your iOS, Android and PC free of cost to play anytime from anywhere.

Friendship Meter

Do you have some best friends in your life? Do you want to check the status of your relation with your friends? That’s great! This Friendship Meter is very suitable for you and your friends. You can enter the name of you in the first text box and can enter the name of your friend in the second box to check the percentage of compatibility between you and your friends. There is a Friendship Calculator to check the level of compatibility between friends.

Love Meter Prank

As I told earlier, it is an online technology that measures your love percentage with the use of names of couples. However, you can also consider it as a Prank to make smiles on the faces of people. Friends are the best part of life. They do some prank with you that’s why they are looking for prank meter related to your relationship. Before them, you can do prank with them. I hope you and your friends will enjoy a lot.

Love Meter Horoscope

It is a meter that predicts your future related to love life. Everyone falls in love at least once in life. There are many ways to check the future of love but one of the best scientific ways is Love Meter. You can calculate the compatibility of love between you and your partner. Also, you can predict the future of your love by using this meter.

How Does a Love Meter Work?

It collects two names of lovers and processes the names to give the percentage instantly. We have experts of names who can tell the compatibility between two people by checking their names. We utilized their experience to build this love meter. It compares the names of two people on technical grounds and gives results.


I hope you will love our compatibility meter to check the percentage of compatibility between you and your crush. Enjoy and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks!

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