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Friendship Calculator is the best scientific solution to check compatibility between two people. It tells the compatibility percentage between two friends on the basis of names. We have developed this calculator on the basis of compatibility in the names. A lot of experts say that names have a specific type of effects on personalities. So, we used this term to measure the percentage of compatibility between two friends.

How to Use Friendship Calculator? 

  • There are two text fields mentioned below.
  • In the first text field, Enter Your Name:
  • In the second text field, Enter Your Crush Name:
  • Now click on Calculate Button.
  • You will get the compatibility percentage instantly below the button.

What is Friendship Calculator? 

It is the scientific solution to check the compatibility percentage between two people. Moreover, there are many calculators but our calculator is unique because of its functionality. We developed this calculator after consulting people from different experts related to this field. They told us many facts about names and we applied those facts in coding. I want to clarify that it does not give 100% correct results but it gives approximately good results. In some cases, it can give 100% results but in some cases, it can give weak results.

Friendship Calculator

Overall, this is a great invention by our team because a lot of people have gotten help from this scientific tool. In the past, people were addicted to finding some people who can tell them about compatibility. But there is no need to find those people and waste your money but you can check your compatibility by yourself. I hope you will enjoy this and don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you are looking for Love Calculator, Love Meter and other tools, visit other pages of this website.

Friendship Calculator Flames

Friends are the most important part of life. You can create more excitement in your friendship by doing different activities. Friendship Calculator is one of those activities that will help you to check the level of friendship between you and your friends in form of a percentage. We developed this calculator for the fun. It works on the basis of the names of two people.


Don’t forget to give your feedback about this calculator in the comments and share the compatibility with other people on this website. I hope this will be a great joy for you. Thanks for visiting!

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